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in dubai

Enjoy our unique zero scar technique and immense nose reshaping expertise to improve your look and feel starting from 16999 AED

Our techniques of surgical and non surgical rhinoplasty and nose reshaping under local anesthesia and sedation is one of the most sought after and least invasive rhinoplasty procedure in Dubai. Patient requests may include reducing a hump, raising the tip, narrowing nostril width or changing the angle between the nose and the mouth. All these can be done with minimal filing and with the clever use of filler and minor treatment under local anesthetic. Our plastic surgeon understands the requirements of patients and knows how to achieve a well-structured nose that blends with the patient’s highlighted features.

Who makes a good candidate for rhinoplasty treatment:

  • Healthy individuals over the age of fifteen, who want to improve the structure of their nose
  • Unsatisfied or suffer from low self-confidence with the size and shape of the nose
  • Suffered an injury that has altered the physical structure of the nose
  • Have breathing problems on a daily basis

Even though this is a very modern and widespread procedure, some people are still not very confident about undergoing such a life- changing treatment as they may fear that the results would be unfavourable or not as what was expected. However, finding the right plastic surgeon in Dubai is the key to a successful rhinoplasty. Many patients who undergo rhinoplasty in Dubai find that the results are impressively satisfactory, increase their level of confidence and boost their self-esteem.

Meet Dr. Madmdouh Elmoteleb, your highly experienced plastic surgery specialist

  • Dr Mamdouh is a well-known plastic surgeon having practiced in Penn State USA as well as St Louis in France and is among the top aesthetic plastic surgeons worldwide
  • He excels at procedures like breast augmentations, facelifts and mini facelifts, liposuctions, fat transfers, tummy tucks, rhinoplasty and otoplasty while having some innovative approaches to performing them
  • An expert in day surgery under local and general anesthesia with many years of experience, his philosophy is to find the right individual solution for each patient

How exactly the rhinoplasty is performed

Rhinoplasty treatment can be either surgical or non surgical. This depends on the particular case and patient's desired result. Our experienced surgeon is a specialist in both, non surgical rhinoplasty under local anesthetic as well as surgical rhinoplasty in Dubai for more dramatic changes. Having a team of the most experienced plastic surgeons helps us provide the best rhinoplasty in Dubai treatments.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most requested plastic surgery treatments. Still, the decision to have it done is an important and personal one so we assure to give the best of advice to each individual patient and provide all the information before you make it. 

All you need to know about rhinoplasty

Here are some frequently asked questions about rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai

What is rhinoplasty?

A rhinoplasty is commonly referred to as a nose job in modern society. It is a surgical procedure that is implemented to change the structure, shape and look of a nose or even improve its passage function due to trauma or birth defects.

How can I prepare myself for rhinoplasty?

Prior to the procedure, your surgeon will go over the lifelike expectations of surgery. The surgeon will define what needs to be done and specify the most appropriate procedures to meet your expectations. With regards to what you can do to prepare for your rhinoplasty, we highly recommend that you do not take any medications that may cause blood clotting or cause severe postoperative bleeding difficulties. We also recommend patients to stop smoking at least a month prior to the surgery. Smoking slows down the recovery process and due to its unhealthy toxins we always recommend to quit smoking prior to surgical procedures.

What is the recovery time after rhinoplasty?

Your surgeon will require you to wear a nasal strap for the first week after the rhinoplasty surgery. Following surgery, you may have adequate swelling and bruising around your eyes and nose that could last up to two weeks. You should refrain from any strenuous activity for up to four weeks after your surgery and stay followed closely by your physician who will let you know when it’s safe for you to return to your daily routine.

What can I expect after rhinoplasty surgery?

Outcomes from a rhinoplasty surgery can classically be seen after the swelling goes down and once your physician removes the nasal strap. You may find breathing a bit difficult for about 3 weeks after the surgery due to swelling in the passage. The swelling is expected to completely recede in 2 months or less. Following the healing of the bruises, you should be able to see the nose looking more refined and contoured to your requirements.

Will I require having any post-procedure touch-ups?

Because rhinoplasty surgery is a common yet complicated procedure and the nasal passage swells during the procedure, there is a chance you may need to have some post-surgery touch-ups. About 15 percent of patients with rhinoplasty surgeries require touch-up procedures.

What are the risks of rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai is a generally a very safe surgical procedure. The most common risks during the procedure are post-surgery infection, adverse reaction to the anaesthesia, and excessive bleeding post-surgery. There is also a small chance that you will need additional surgery in the future. Another common risk with regards to cosmetic rhinoplasty is that you may be unsatisfied with the procedure and it is widely known that rhinoplasty has the highest rate of amendment in cosmetic surgery.

What are the alternatives to rhinoplasty?

When it comes down to alternatives to rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai, there are none. But if you are considering an option to improve your breathing, you can try using nasal strips as a non-surgical option of correcting the problem.

How can I protect my reshaped nose from injury?

An ultra-light, skin-colored, aluminum splint protects your new nose until the stitches are removed by your surgeon. You will be guided on aftercare by your surgeon, following the removal of the splint and stitches. It is very important to follow your surgeon’s aftercare guide following the procedure to maintain a problem-free recovery.

How long will the procedure take?

Rhinoplasty surgery takes two to six hours, depending on the patient’s requirements and complexity of the procedure. Once the surgery is complete, you will be monitored for some time following after-effects of anaesthesia and then discharged for recovery at home.

Am I old enough for rhinoplasty surgery?

Rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai should not be performed on younger patients until their nasal passage and nose have both completed growing. The nose tends to be fully grown around the age of 14 for girls and a bit later for boys. We recommend an age above 16 years for the procedure following consent of a guardian above the age of 18.

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