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Plastic surgery

in dubai

Bring your appearance to complete perfection with our wide range of surgical and non-surgical treatments made under local anesthesia with the fastest recovery time

We offer a comprehensive range of surgical and non-surgical procedures to suit your necessity and your budget 

From face, nose, hair and neck to breast, legs, buttocks and body, our state-of-the-art cosmetic techniques are implemented with a personal touch by our plastic surgeons who possess in-depth knowledge and skill in the design and surgery of implants, grafts and fat and bone transfer and manipulation

Proficiency in plastic surgery in Dubai denotes a special blend of knowledge, surgical judgment, technical expertise, personal taste, ethics, and interpersonal skills in order to attain acceptable patient outcomes 

Our professional team of surgeons are extremely qualified and aesthetically experienced to provide the best possible surgical and non-surgical outcomes that accomplish each of your individual desires

Meet Dr. Mamdouh Elmoteleb, your highly experienced plastic surgery master with some of his finest techniques

  • Dr Mamdouh is a well-known plastic surgeon having practiced in Penn State USA as well as St Louis in France and is among the top aesthetic plastic surgeons worldwide
  • He excels at procedures like breast augmentations, facelifts and mini facelifts, liposuctions, fat transfers, tummy tucks, rhinoplasty and otoplasty while having some innovative approaches to performing them
  • An expert plastic surgeon in day surgery under local and general anesthesia with many years of experience, his philosophy is to find the right individual solution for each patient

Performs breast implants installation under local anesthetic and sedation; the procedure involves implants from under the pectoral muscle fascia and is completed in just 30 minutes

Performs liposuction abdominoplasty under local or general anesthetic with the least undermining, preserving perforators and lower abdomen sensitivity using tumescent

Performs face lift by limited SMAS undermining - Superficial Musculo-Aponeurotic System which restores the optimal connection between soft tissue and bone frame for a long time

Key principles of our plastic surgery treatments

Absolute safety

We believe that plastic surgery in Dubai should be done with great care following one to one consultations with a plastic surgeon - and if you require some special precautions due to your history of medical conditions, we will be sure to run your blood tests and proper examination prior to any surgical procedure to make it 100% safe for your health

Deep customization

Since most plastic surgery procedures have permanent results, it is vital to have realistic expectations and goals so you will be able to review Before & After photos of what the final result may look like, and our specialists will be ready to address your concerns and outline all possible options for the improvement of your desired look

Minimum downtime

We try to get the best result with the most efficient and the least invasive methods to reduce your recovery time, and this approach enables us to perform even large liposuctions, breast treatments, rhinoplasty with only local anesthetic and sedation with no need for general anesthesia and daunting overnight stays in hospital

our most popular surgical and non-surgical treatments

Plastic surgery procedures usually reconstruct a part of the body that the individual is not satisfied with - however, there are also some procedures that are non-surgical and, for example, just use dermal fillers to plump areas of the face and erase wrinkles or technologically advanced lasers to eliminate unwanted hair and smoothing skin to improve severe scarring

request an appointment today and let yourself look as wonderful as you have always dreamed of

Upon personal consultation, we will be able to create a highly individualized treatment plan to ensure you get the best treatment either through surgical or non-surgical procedures

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